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PeachCap Financial is a startup financial advisory firm that needed a campaign to recruit Financial Advisors in the Atlanta area to their Trade Show and ultimately their practice. In order to attract advisors we needed to determine what messaging would resonate most with them. Speaking to advisors revealed that the most important aspect of their job is pleasing their clients by maintaining positive relationships. In order to achieve this, they use personality testing tools to determine new clients' communication styles and risk aversion. However, we uncovered a frequent problem facing advisors during this process: clients think they know themselves, yet often mislead their advisor about their true risk profile. However, with their robust personality testing system, PeachCap could solve this issue and improve advisors' client relationships. We would show advisors that PeachCap's system is so much more advanced than the competition, that it gives the practice almost... psychic abilities. And if they joined PeachCap, advisors could have them too.

Creative Campaign