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Madden is a simulated football video game whose messaging had previously only been directed toward 18 - 34 year old males who were "cool, popular jocks who sometimes drink too much at a party." Having recently seen declining sales numbers, we decided Madden needed to expand its messaging outside of those lines. What was appealing about Madden, and who else could potentially appreciate it? We found that while lapsed gamers had stopped playing Madden due to its demanding complexity and strategic thinking, youth football players could actually benefit from those same complaints. In fact, we found that coaches were already assigning players 'Madden homework' to improve their on-field performance. As it turns out, Madden is more than a video game. It’s a learning tool.  If the company could get even a small percentage of the remaining 2.4 million youth tackle football players' parents to purchase Madden along with their other football gear, the franchise could see tens of millions in annual growth.

Creative Campaign