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In order to help HP Inc. deliver on their mission to ‘keep reinventing,’ their Reinvent Mindsets campaign recruits diverse talent and raises awareness of unconscious biases held against those candidates in the interview process. For the fifth installment in the series, HP asked for our help to recruit veterans, one of the most stigmatized groups in the workforce today.


During our research, we uncovered the sobering fact that 80% of veterans feel misunderstood by the non-military public. Qualitative interviews with veterans uncovered how this issue manifested in the hiring process. Damaging and inaccurate stereotypes of veterans, as well as civilians’ lack of familiarity with military life and job responsibilities, prevents hiring managers from being able to accurately assess veteran candidates. This barrier often results in veterans being asked inappropriate and insensitive questions such as: ‘did you kill anyone?’ or ‘do you have PTSD?’ rather than relevant questions that would help determine their qualifications for the job at hand.

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Over 80% of veterans feel misunderstood by the non-military public.


We created the short film ‘Ask Me About,’ which put real veteran hiring stories front and center to invoke empathy in viewers and educate them about the issues veterans face in the interview process. Throughout the video, veterans themselves differentiate what is and what is not appropriate to ask them regarding their service and experience, in order to make an accurate assessment for the job in question. Viewers discover that some of the veterans are current employees of HP, who then deliver a compelling call to action for fellow veterans to apply to HP, a company that not only knows the issues they face, but is recruiting specifically for the uniquely valuable skills veterans bring to their post-military careers.



Within the first month of release, and with little paid promotion behind it, ‘Ask Me About’ garnered over 1.4K organic shares, 3 times higher than any other installment in the Reinvent Mindsets series. It also delivered on its dual-sided goal to recruit talented veteran candidates to HP’s workforce, and successfully reinvent mindsets all over social media, where we received comments from viewers expressing everything from gratitude to elation to catharsis.


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